Khag Sameakh! Shavuot

Khag Sameakh! Shavuot Sameakh!

This evening is the Eve of Shavuot.

Khag חג Shavout שבועות - the “Festival” of “Weeks” - celebrates the Seven Weeks after Pesakh פסח (Passover), when God begins the Tora תורה , in the Mountain of Sinai סיני , thru the hands of Moshe (Moses) משה , during the Bronze Age.

In my view, this formative event occurs circa -1590.

Shavuot defines the moment that the Twelve Tribes of Yisrael ישראל become a “nation” אום and an “ethnicity” גוי , distinctive among the other ethnicities of West Asia. It begins the Tora, the ongoing ethical, narrative, and spiritual tradition of Yisrael.

This is the same day that Greek calls Pentėkostė (Pentecost) πεντηκοστη, namely Day “Fifty” after Pesakh.

This evening is a great time to “pull an all-nighter” getting together with friends to study the Tora til dawn, or read and discuss anything even remotely related to the Bible and the Rabanim (Rabbis).

It is suprisingly fun.

Shavuot is one of my two favorite holidays ever. The other is Pesakh.

Yes, Yom Kipur is important too, but these two holidays are fun - and deep. Plus. One day all humanity will be overflowing with compassion, and without sin. Perhaps we wont need Yom Kipur anymore? But we will always have Tora. Even in infinity.

Eat lots of “cool” refreshing “milk” foods. These physicalize Compassion חסד . Did you know icecream and cheesecake are healthy for your higher self? Tonight they are!

Here is a solid article about the role of Shvuot in modern Yisreli (Israeli) society.

It sets a good mood to appreciate the Khag.

Khag sameakh חג שמח ! “A joyous festival”! Happy holiday!

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