Hate the Hate

(Stein Atle Vere. ©2012. Hate the Hate. brakha.blogspot.com.)

The following article with the link is by Giulio Meotti.

The news is disturbing, about a resurgence of hate against Jews among Christian churches today.

Giulio Meotti. 2011. Op-Ed: How Deep is the Christian-Jewish Abyss? Arutz Sheva.
http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/11447, 2012.

His article mentions:

• the Vatican seems to indulge a medieval demonization of Jews that persists among Catholics in the Mideast, and similarly among Orthodox Christians in the Mideast
• Mainline Protestant Churches (Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Episcopalian, and United Church of Christ) initiate radical delegitimization doctrines and boycott campaigns against the Jewish state - especially vicious in their umbrella organization, World Council of Churches.
• even the Evangelical Churches (especially Pentacostal) experience some Antiisrael groups emerging

To combat this dark trend, Meotti lists the following steps that Christians can take,

• dont proselytize the Jews
• dont slander them
• dont preach their conversion
• avoid any theological topic
• fight the apocalyptic cults

• proclaim the uniqueness of the Jewish covenant
• recognize Jews right to Judea and Samaria
• defend a united Jewish Jerusalem
• support Israel’s right to defend itself
• stop spiritualize the Bible, as if the promises to Abraham were not about a specific land for a specific people but about some heavenly domain

This is an excellent list. In sum, help Jews worship God in a Jewish way - according to the Jewish Bible.

Meotti warns, “Unless these steps are taken, any Jewish-Christian reapproachment would be not only futile, but dangerous.” Note, this blog seeks a reapproachment between Jews and Nonjewish Christians. But he is correct. Christians must do everything in their power to prevent the hate against Jews. Pray for God to help Jews be Jews.

Hate the hate.