Kabala: Constriction

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Desire All

Every blessing is the fulfillment of a desire.

Desire is infinite. When a human achieves the fulfillment of one desire, one desires more. There is even a feeling of wanting “all”.

In the highest world of spirituality, long before and high above the creation of the physical world, there is only God. God is En Sof אֵין סוֹף , “No End”, the infinite one.

Beyond the fabric space and time, God infinitely, immediately, and completely fulfills the infinity of desire.

God is both the infinite desire, and the infinite fulfillment of the infinite desire. Both the “container” כְּלִי that desires and the “light” אוֹר that fills the container. Both the need and the blessing.

This infinite desire - to desire all - is an aspect of God that humans experience immediately, intimately, and self-evidently.

Kingship of the Light of No End
(Stein Atle Vere ©2012. Image: Kingship of the Light of No End. brakha.blogspot.com).
The highest world corresponds to the Sfira (Sephirah) of Keter כֶּתֶר, the “Crown”.
The divine infinite fulfillment satiates the divine infinite desire. 

Desire Sharing

There is only one desire that God cannot fulfill in the highest world. Or more precisely, God does fulfill it, but this fulfillment requires and causes the lower worlds to come into existence.

This infinite desire of God includes a desire to be like the infinite fulfillment of God.

In other words, the receiver wants to also be a giver. The one who is loved wants to express love back, not just receive love, but reciprocate love. Just like the fulfiller is infinitely self-sharing, the desirer wants to be infinitely self-sharing too. Pure love.

However in the highest world, the receiver cannot become a giver because the giver already fulfills every need - infinitely, immediately, and completely. There is no room to give, sotospeak. No absence to fill.

The only way the fulfiller can fulfill the desire for sharing, is to stop fulfilling all desires except the desire for sharing.

Only in the absence of the fulfillment, can the desire for sharing find places and times to fulfill the still-unfulfilled desires.

Thus the lower worlds require the absence of blessings. The absence of light. Darkness. Emptiness. Chaos. This is the fabric of space of time.

In Kabala, Adonenu Rabi Yitskhak (Rabbi Isaac Luria), the “Ari”, coined the phrase Tsimtsum צִמְצוּם (often Tzimtzum). In means “constriction”, compressing something into a smaller space. By extension, it means “minimizing”, minimalism. It describes how God as the infinite fulfillment withdraws from God as the infinite desire. Thus the infinite light hides, causing a lowest world of infinite darkness. A terrifying infinite absence of God.

Into the lowest world, farthest from the fulfillment for all, where infinite desire suffers infinite deprivation, the fulfillment sends a thin ray of light. The “line” קַו . This light shining in the darkness is the fulfillment of the desire for sharing.


(Stein Atle Vere ©2012. Image: Constriction: All. brakha.blogspot.com).

“Fulfill All” corresponds to the Sfira of Khakhma, “Sageness”.
“Desire All” corresponds to the Sfira of Malkhut, “Kingship”.

These two infinite principles emanate from Keter, “Crown”,
as the Desire for All separates from the Fulfillment for All,
choosing deprivation rather than to continue to take without giving.

Tsimtsum means the “Constriction” (Minimization, Restriction, Reduction, Contraction).
It corresponds to the location of Daat, “Knowledge”.
Constriction refers to the process whereby space and time enables
the infinite fulfillment to hide from the infinite desire.
Where fulfillment is light, the absence of fulfillment is darkness.

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The Constriction denies the fulfillment of any desire except the Desire for Sharing.
Only the Desire for Sharing can receive fulfillment.
The rest of the Desire for All remains unfulfilled unless
humans make effors to fulfill them
by means of sharing.

“Desire Sharing” corresponds to the Sfira of Bina, “Understanding”.
“Fulfill Sharing” corresponds to the Sfira of Tiferet, “Adornment”.
This is the fulfillment of the Desire for Sharing.
The Fulfillment for Sharing is the only means to fulfill the Desire of All.

The Desire for Sharing is a subset of the Desire for All.
Therefore the Desire for Sharing exists both
above in Bina where it is pure sharing
and below in Malkhut where it is part of all.
As a human, below, makes an effort to fulfill the Desire for Sharing with others,
the unity with the divine Desire for Sharing, above, makes Fulfillment happen.

Light Shining in the Darkness

From this line of light, everything in the lower world comes into being.

(This ancient concept of creation out of light anticipates the modern concept of the Big Bang.)

The light radiates and recombines to form all of the convolutions and permutations of everything that exists. It becomes the bewildering diversity of the physical universe.

This divine light is both “light” and “sight” - both energy and consciousness.

The light continues shining in the darkness to sustain the existence of the matter and consciousness entangling and structuring within the lowest world.

From this light humans come into existence. This light fulfills desires. This divine light is awareness, money, friendship, health, children, and so on, all that fulfills desire, including the desire to exist.

However, the light of this world can only fulfill the desire to share. From this light, humans derive their existence. But humans must use their existence to share. If a human use the blessings that one has to bless others, then the light intensifies with even more blessings shining into the universe. More sharing, more fulfillment, more love, more power, more success, more pleasure. However, if a human abuses ones blessings to fulfill ones own selfish needs only, the light shining into ones own experience of the universe dims. More predation, more need, more hate, more powerlessness, more failure, more pain. The resources of the selfish person eventually run dry, leaving empty darkness.

All the fulfillments besides sharing remain forever hidden.

In this lowest world, there is no way to fulfill the infinite desire except by means of sharing.


In this lowest world, there is no way to fulfill the infinite desire except by means of sharing.

When a human has a little bit of light, and uses this light to share, with others who suffer darkness, then God sends that human even more light. Those who use the flashes of light for compassion and justice, and mercy, will gain even more light. Those who use the light for predation and injustice, and cruelty - even what they have will be taken away.

As more humans begin to share, more light, more power, more potential becomes available in this universe. The line of light intensifies, shining brighter and brighter, fulfilling eachothers desires.

God is One

The day will come - in a future “world that is coming” עוֹלָם הַבָּא - when sharing infinitely will fulfill the infinite desires for all. Thus the infinite fulfillment becomes fully present in the lowest world.

Thus at the culmination of this process of sharing, there will no longer be any difference between the highest world and the lowest world. They are the same.

God will be One
Tanakh: Zkarya 14'9
(Jewish Bible: Zechariah)
(Stein Atle Vere 2012. English Hyperliteral Translation.)
(Hebrew. mechon-mamre.com)

And, God will be for a King over all of the Land.
In that day,
God will be one,
and the Name of [God] one.

וְהָיָה יְהוָה לְמֶלֶךְ עַל-כָּל-הָאָרֶץ
בַּיּוֹם הַהוּא
יִהְיֶה יְהוָה אֶחָד
וּשְׁמוֹ אֶחָד

Within the fabric of space and time, there “will be” in the future a time when there is no difference between the lowest world of “the Land” of infinite desire, and the highest world of the “King”.

Humans will achieve the power to transcend the fabric of space of time, to become infinite. This is the great resurrection, the life of the world that is coming. Humans only achieve this by means of sharing, of using ones own power to empower others - to empower eachother - in the most optimal ways possible.

By means of human efforts, God will become one.

“God” as fulfillment and “the Name” of God as desire will become indistinguishable from each other. One.

Actually, this divine “King” is only the light of this world, shining in the darkness of this world. But human sharing intensifies this light. “In that day”, the process of sharing will grow to fulfill all needs. No darkness will remain anywhere in the infinite desire. All light. Therefore, by means of human efforts to share, there will no longer be any difference between the light shining in this world and the infinite light shining in the higher worlds.

The fulfillment for sharing will become the same as the fulfillment for all.

In this way, by means of humans, the divine desire for sharing becomes able to fulfill the infinite desire for all. Thus the receiver of love becomes able to be the giver of love.

Also, the giver of love becomes able to become the receiver of love.

Humanity participates in both the infinite desire who receives and eventually the infinite fulfillment who gives. The very existence of a human - the energy and consciousness - is a fulfillment of the divine desire. Yet this divine fulfillment - as a human within fabric of space and time - becomes able to feel need and receive love. Reciprocally, the giver becomes a receiver.

Thus by means of the process of human efforts to share - God - the infinite desire and the infinite fulfillment become one and the same.

By means of this process within the fabric of space and time - the loved loves and the lover is loved. One absolute infinite love. Divine oneness. Divine simplicity.

Of course, God is infinite, utterly beyond the fabric of space and time. In the highest world, from the perspective of God, this process has already completed. The work of sharing is done. God is already one. God is already loving and loved. God never changes.

God Is Perfect

God is beyond the limitations of space and time. God is already perfect. But it is precisely this perfection of God that causes an imperfect world to come into existence.

Humans will eventually perfect this world. Thus humans are part of what makes God perfect.