Two-Day Weekend

(Vere, Stein Atle. ©2011. "Comment: Two-Day Weekend". brakha.blogspot.com.)

In the modern economy, the State of Yisrael feels a need for a two-day weekend. One day for relaxation and one day for spirituality. Yisrael has been trying to institute a Sat-Sun weekend. But unlike the rest of the Western World, only a Fri-Sat weekend seems to work in Yisrael, where Friday is for relaxation and Shabat is for spirituality.

In a real Fri-Sat weekend, Friday is completely laborless. Thus Thursday is the last day of work. Here is a restful rhythm.

Thursday - Day Five is the last day of the five-day workweek.
• Thursday Afternoon: leave work, shop for weekend, get home.

Friday - Day Six is for relaxation.
• Friday Eve (Thursday Evening): vege to recupe from work, get cleaned up, spend the entire night seeing a movie, nightclubing, and partying.
• Friday Morning: sleep in all morning, relax.
• Friday Afternoon: clean house, prepare for Shabat.

Shabat - Day Seven (Saturday) is for spirituality.
• Shabat Eve: synagogue, family dinner, romance for spouses, slumber party for fellow synagoguers.
• Shabat Morning: synagogue, Tora.
• Shabat Afternoon: community lunch.

Sunday - Day One is the first day of the workweek - a time for new beginnings.
• Sunday Eve: quick Tora, havdala. Then home, downtime, tv, read.
• Sunday Morning: labor for a new beginning.

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