Birkat Ha'Kohanim

(Vere, Stein Atle. ©2011. "Comment: Birkat Ha'Kohanim". brakha.blogspot.com.)

Awesome to see so many thousands participate in the Blessing of the Priests, the Birkat Ha'Kohanim ברכת הכהנים from the ancient days of Yisrael. Ten thousand arrive today.

(Vere, Stein. ©2011. “Birkat Ha'Kohanim”. Image in 2004.)

I cant wait to see the priestly Temple stand again.

In Yrushalayim (Jerusalem), on the aboriginal Holy Mountain, Moriya מוריה.

When the State of Yisrael finally does get around to reconstructing the Temple, the global annual pilgrimage tourism - not just Yhudim (Jews) but Notsrim (Christians) and Muslmim (Muslims), and others, coming to visit the Temple - will make Yrushalayim one of the wealthiest cities on the planet. Yrushalayim will become more successful than Roma and Makkah (Mecca) combined.

Of course, God is why the human species visits. But everything - spiritual and pragmatic - comes together when Yisrael makes God center.

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