Kabala Irrelevant

(Vere, Stein Atle. ©2011. “Comment: Kabala Irrelevant”. brakha.blogspot.com.)

Kabala studies spirituality. Similar to how psychology studies love. However, the “Wisdom” חכמה of Kabala must do the “Tora” תורה of compassionate actions.

It would be a tragedy if a psychologist who studies love fails to do loving actions, thus fails to be a loving person. “Studying” how to love has surprisingly little to do with “doing” love. Even a baby knows how to love and always expresses love sincerely (even if irresponsibly).

Similarly, a Mkubal מקובל − the one from who students receive secrets about God − that is, a Kabbalist, a mystic, a spiritual scholar who studies the Khesed חסד “compassion” of God − must also do Khasadim חֲסָדִים “compassionate actions”.

All spiritual wisdom is false, unless it does reallife physical compassionate actions that require reallife physical effort.

In other words, only Halakha (Jewish legal tradition) is true spirituality. The wisdom of Kabala is, by itself, irrelevant. Kabala can only become legitimate if the expertise helps a person to increase the quantity and quality of the compassionate actions that they do to empower others.

Only compassionate actions matter.