The UN Must Reform

(Vere, Stein Atle. ©2011. "Comment: The UN Must Reform". brakha.blogspot.com.)

When freedom negotiates the freedom others, then freedom is spirituality.

"Secularity" means freedom of spirituality.

Freedom is good. At the same time, the movement for human rights and personal freedoms has a lightside and a darkside.

While secular and international, the United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights now functions as a cultural expression of spirituality. Therefore. Unfortunately, the adherents of human rights also become vulnerable to the "groupthink" of this culture. Any reasonable individual can see: To legitimize dictators who seek to destroy human rights and personal freedoms, obviously, harms human rights and personal freedoms. But groupthink limits reason to serve collective behavior. The darkside of the United Nations - UN - behavior is a conspiracy of bribes and threats by Islamist, Communist, and Neo-Fascist dictators of oil-producing nations. Thus those who individually seek human rights, instead collectively serve the UN groupthink, like automatons, to whitewash dictators and even demonize those who oppose dictators.

The UN must reform to disempower all nations that violate personal freedoms of their own citizens.

"Islamism" (as opposed to Islam) is the use of violence, threats, and discrimination to coerce victims to adopt Islam. Islamism is evil, antihuman, and wars against human rights and personal freedoms. Unfortunately Islamism still dominates the Muslim World because, unlike the Christian World, the imperialistic cultures of the Medieval Age continue as such into the Modern Age. Even "secular" (non-clergy) Muslim dictatorships adopt Islamist traditions, albeit self-servingly. Currently, the UN includes 57 Islamist nations who denounce the Declaration of Universal Human Rights under the pretext that it contradicts the historically imperialistic implementations of Sharia (the Muslim legal tradition). But disgustingly, these same Islamists sit on the UN Human Rights Council as judges - such as Lybia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Djibuti, soon Syria, etcetera - to obstruct legal actions against their own crimes against humanity and to trump up charges against their democratic enemies - such as the Jewish State of Israel. Notice many of these dictators are strategic Western allies, which is why the collective groupthink behavior entangles the evil ambitions of these Islamists. Also, there are Nonmuslim dictators who sit on the Council whose crimes against humanity in the name of Communism or Neo-Fascism (systemic "mafia") are equally evil - such as China, Cuba, Russia, Chile, etcetera.

Incredibly, these antihuman dictators control the Council that is supposed to safeguard the Declaration of Universal Human Rights.

The UN must reform. To denounce the Declaration of Universal Human Rights must automatically disqualify any nation from sitting on the UN Human Rights Council. Any UN HRC member nation who violates the Declaration must lose their HRC membership.

Furthermore, freedom of speech is the mother of all human rights and personal freedoms. All nations - even dictatorships - must allow freedom of speech and nonviolent protests. Any nation that silences freedom of speech must lose their voting status in the General Assembly.

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