Spirituality of Freedom

(Vere, Stein Atle. ©2011. "Comment: Spirituality of Freedom". brakha.blogspot.com.)

There is a spirituality of freedom. I value the TRANSCENDENCE of human rights and personal freedoms. The "freewill" (Ratson רצון ) of each and every human and the "infinite will" (Ratson רצון ) of God are virtually identical. Freedom - thus negotiating the freedom of others - defines authentic spirituality.

Freedom of speech is the mother of all human rights and personal freedoms. Only speech can voice grievances and negotiate solutions. Human rights are conflictive. Example: the right to be free versus the right to be secure, including the right to speak freely versus the right to protection from defamation. Each nation must use speech to negotiate its own optimal balance of rights, according to its cultural values, but all nations must maximize freedom of speech to the greatest degree possible.

Even this negotiation of mutual rights invites each one of us to transcend our own limited assumptions. Negotiation among "fellow" mutually sincere negotiators is a way to engage the infinite.

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